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House Music DJ Kenny J has been at the forefront of the clubbing scene in Europe and Australia for over twenty years. He has always been a true pioneer when it comes to developing his own unique style and sound. Having studied sound engineering in college, he knows the technical as well as the emotional requirements of a top clubbing experience.

From his own heady clubbing days in the early 1990s Kenny has witnessed how house music has grown and evolved. Whether he’s keeping a frenetic crowd hypnotised in the early hours or laying down some deep house to golden Australian sun sets, Kenny knows that mixing is all about reading and responding to the crowd. Kenny has spent many years perfecting his House Music sound and style, for him it’s all about producing that real House feeling.

Now living in Melbourne, at this point in his House Music career, Kenny is taking his skills and sounds to the next level. DJ Kenny J mixes two decades of personal passion into every seamless mixset and with a discerning ear for a top quality tune; he always delivers memorable days and truly unforgettable nights.


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The current beach mixset series is a selection of Deep House, Chill House and House. The series is designed for listeners that enjoy beachlife and all it has to offer. Each mix has a selection of tracks that are reflective of a peaceful coastline.

So hang up the hammock, grab an ice cool beer, press play and drift away on a musical journey that chills the mind, body and soul.

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House music and beaches, a match made in heaven. Thailand, Ibiza, Miami great beaches, amazing parties.  Australia’s coast line is 25,760km long and with over 10,000 beautiful beaches, Whitehaven Beach, Burleigh Heads Beach, Lizard Island, Sunrise Beach are just a few that nature has certainly given us to party and chillax with.  So let’s make Australia the number one beach party venue in the world!

DJ Kenny J has been supplying the soundtrack to parties in club, venues and private parties since the early 1990s.  His ability to read a crowd and drop that killer track at the perfect moment are legendary.  But now the time has come to stop imitating and start creating – a new beach party vibe for Australia. 

The idea is so simple – a great crowd, a beach venue and a suitable soundtrack to blend the two.  Inspired by the natural coastal landscapes, DJ Kenny J has handpicked tracks that reflect the quintessential Aussie beach experience. 

Beaches have always been about bringing people together and DJ Kenny J’s music policy reflects this unity, as he constructs sets based on Deep House, Chill House and Beach House cuts from top international producers that really do create the soundtrack of the seashore.    

So if you'd like to infuse your party with some pure Aussie sunshine then get in touch and let House DJ Kenny J provide the perfect summer sound for your venue, party or special event.






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